The zlib module provides essential data and file compression tools.

see http://www.zlib.net/

Data files are often built for speedy processing, and may contain characters which are meaningless spacing. This extraneous data can be reduced in size, or compressed.

Data Compression and Decompression:

zlib_compress — compress a string
zlib_decompress — decompress a string
zlib_compressfile — compress a file
zlib_decompressfile — compress a file

ref = 'Allan CORNET - 2011 Test zlib';
c = zlib_compress(ref)
d = zlib_decompress(c)

zlib_compressfile(SCI + '/etc/scilab.start', TMPDIR + '/scilab.start.gz')
zlib_decompressfile(TMPDIR + '/scilab.start.gz', TMPDIR + '/scilab.start')
ref = mgetl(SCI + '/etc/scilab.start')
r = mgetl(TMPDIR + '/scilab.start')

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