This module is a virtual module, which allows to install several statistics modules in one single atomsInstall() statement.

This virtual module gathers:

  • Distfun : a collection of distribution functions (e.g. normal, exponential, etc...)
  • Stixbox : statistical functions (e.g. polyfit, qqplot, etc...)
  • Scidoe : design of experiments (e.g. lhs design, regress, etc...)
  • Lowdisc : low discrepancy sequences (e.g. Halton, Sobol, etc...)

Together, these toolbox provides a consistent set of tested and documented functions for statistics.

Moreover, this module allows to potentially solve double-dependencies problems, that is, a situation where a module A depends on a module B and vice-versa. Although this situation should be avoided in general, it may happen anyway.

Development Team
Michael Baudin

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