Scilab Scilin Toolbox


Scilin is a Scilab toolbox for sparse linear systems. It provides preconditionners and iterative methods for the sparse linear equations.

Scilin contains:

  • Incomplete LU factorisations
  • Iterative solvers
  • Matrix Market I/O functions
  • Miscellaneous

This project is OBSOLETE.

Please see the following projects:

  • imsls : Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear Equations
  • matmark : Matrix Market
  • spilu : Sparse Incomplete LU Preconditionners


  • Iterative solvers

    • bicg: BIConjugate Gradient method
    • bicgstab: BIConjugate Gradient STABilized method
    • pcg: Conjugate Gradient method
    • cgs: Conjugate Gradient Squared method
    • cheby: CHEBYshev method
    • gmres: Generalized Minimal RESidual method
    • jacobi: JACOBI method
    • qmr: Quasi Minimal Residual method
    • sor: Successive Over-Relaxation method
  • Incomplete LU factorisation

    • ilut: Incomplete LU factorization with dual Truncation strategy
    • ilutp: ilut with column Pivoting
    • ilud: ilu with single dropping + Diagonal compensation ( ~milut )
    • iludp: ilud with column Pivoting
    • iluk: level-k ilu
    • ilu0: simple ilu(0) preconditioning
    • milu0: milu(0) preconditioning
  • Matrix Market I/O functions

    • mminfo: extracts storage information from a Matrix Market file (MM file)
    • mmread: reads contents of MM file into sparse or dense format
    • mmwrite: writes sparse or dense matrix to a MM file
  • Miscellaneous functions

    • det: returns the determinant of a sparse matrix
    • nnz: gives the number of non-nul elements of a sparse matrix
  • Other functions

    • gen57pt : generates 5-point and 7-point matrices discretizing elliptic operators
    • splsolve: ?
    • spusolve: ?
    • triangular: see if a sparse matrix is upper or lower triangular


  • precond/: This directory contains interfaces of robust preconditioner routines using dual thresholding for dropping strategy. The routines come from the tool-box SPARSKIT.

  • solvers/: This directory contains several basic iterative linear system solvers, written in Scilab language. The routines are adaptations of the mltemplates library.

  • man/: This directory contains files for online help.

  • matio/: This directory contains some matrix generation routines from SPARSKIT and some matrix market input/output routines, adapted in Scilab language.

  • addon/: This directory contains some useful functions, such as the determinant or the number of non null elements of a sparse matrix. The function %sp_l_s.sci allow now a upper and lower triangular resolution with optimized algorithms.

  • demos/: This directory contains four demos using solvers and preconditioners with some typical matrices. ( see the directory /demos/matrices )


This module has been developed by Aladin Group (IRISA-INRIA) from a basic tool-kit for sparse matrix computations, SPARSKIT (developed by Y.Saad, University of Minnesota) and from the mltemplates library


This toolbox is released under the terms of the CeCILL license :


  • 1993 - Univ. of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • 2000 - 2001 - INRIA - Aladin Group
  • 2010 - DIGITEO - Michael Baudin


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