The goal of this project is to provide a tools to measure the performances of a function. Moreover, the module provides a collection of benchmark scripts to measure the performance of Scilab.


This module provides the following functions.

  • scibench_backslash — Benchmarks the backslash operator.
  • scibench_benchfun — Benchmarks a function and measure its performance.
  • scibench_cholesky — Benchmarks the Cholesky decomposition.
  • scibench_dynbenchfun — Benchmarks a function with increasing data size.
  • scibench_getsettings — Inquire the parameters of Scilab and its environment.
  • scibench_latticeboltz — Performs a 2D Lattice Boltzmann simulation with Scilab.
  • scibench_matmul — Benchmarks the matrix-matrix multiplication.
  • scibench_poisson — Solves the 2D Poisson PDE.
  • scibench_poissonA — Returns a sparse matrix for 2D Poisson PDE.
  • scibench_poissonAu — Returns the A*u sparse product for 2D Poisson PDE.

Type "help scibench_overview" for a quick start.


  • This module depends on the apifun module.
  • This module depends on the assert module.


  • 2010 - DIGITEO - Michael Baudin
  • 2010 - DIGITEO - Vincent Lejeune
  • 2006-2008 - Jonas Latt
  • Adriano Sciacovelli


This toolbox is distributed under the CeCILL license :


Michael Baudin thanks Clément David.

Development Team
Allan Cornet
Vincent Couvert
Michael Baudin
Happy Crew
John Gliksberg

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