Parallel Programming with Scilab communications with other applications using Parallel Virutal Machine it is a software system that enables a collection of heterogeneous computers to be used as a coherent and flexible concurrent computational resource.

The individual computers may be shared- or local-memory multiprocessors, vector supercomputers, specialized graphics engines, or scalar workstations, that may be interconnected by a variety of networks, such as ethernet, FDDI.

Daemon programs (pvmd3) provide communication and process control between computers (see PVM manpage and manual for more details).

Most important functions of the PVM communication library are included in Scilab.

Warning PVM must be installed in your envriromnent before using it in Scilab. PVM scilab have been developped using the version 3.3.7 of the PVM library.

Development Team
Sylvestre Ledru
Allan Cornet
Vincent Couvert

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