Image Processing and Computer Vision Toolbox

Image Processing and Computer Vision Toolbox

IPCV version 1.1 is using OpenCV 2.4.13 as the core libs for image processing and computer vision under Scilab 6.0.

The module is designed so that the functions could be integrated easily by using a few standard interface, namely GetImage, SetImage, GetDouble, SetDouble to exchange data between Scilab and OpenCV.

Currently more than 100 functions (almost 200?) are included, and more will be coming up.

IPCV - Image Processing and Computer Vision Toolbox for Scilab

  1. Analytic Geometry

  2. Filter Design and Visualization

  3. Image Analysis and Statistics

  4. Image Arithmetic

  5. Image Block Processing

  6. Image Enhancement and Restoration

  7. Image Linear Filtering

  8. Image Reading, Display and Exploration

  9. Image Registration and Image Fusion

  10. Image Transforms

  11. Image Types and Color Space Conversions

  12. Morphological Operations

  13. Object Detection

  14. ROI Processing

  15. Spatial Transformations

  16. Utilities and Interactive Tools

  17. Video Handling

  18. Feature Detection, Description and Matching

Development Team
Clément David
Chin Luh Tan
Simon Marchetto

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