Indirect Influences  

Indirect Influences



IndInf is a Scilab module to calculate Indirect Influences of a graph using its adjacency matrix. The module provides the functions

  • micmac
  • pagerank
  • pwp_method
  • pwp_method_inv
  • heatkernel
  • heatkernel_inv
  • part_adj_mat
  • sum_matrix_blocks
  • polyexpm
  • polylogm

Get the module

If you want to download the module without to install it please go here


You can install the module in Scilab with the command

--> atomsInstall('indinf')

Getting help

To get help on the module's functions just use the command

--> help name_of_function

Report Bugs

Feel free to report bugs in the module's web page or here.

Development Team
Jorge Catumba
Happy Crew
Jorge Catumba

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