File Toolbox


The goal of this toolbox is to provide a collection of functions to manage files. The main objective is to provide a more consistent API than Scilab does.

For example the Scilab/fullfile function is of limited use. Indeed, if the various parts of a file are gathere in a matrix of strings pathmatrix, the calling sequence fullfile(pathmatrix) will not work. By contrast, the calling sequence fullfile(path1,path2,path3) can be straighforwardly converted to the call file_join([path1,path2,path3]).

The file_tempfile function is not provided by Scilab. It is often used in unit tests, where we need to create unique temporary files.

The Scilab/copyfile is renamed into file_copy, which is consistent with the naming convention chosen in the current module. By contrast, Scilab uses a weird naming convention: the function, Scilab/fileext begins by "file", while Scilab/deletefile ends by "file.


The following is a list of the current functions :

  • file_join : Join sub-paths from a matrix of strings.
  • file_nativename : Returns the platform-specific name of a path.
  • file_normalize : Returns a unique normalized path.
  • file_pathtype : Returns the type of a path.
  • file_split : Split the path into a matrix of strings.
  • file_tempfile : Returns the name of a temporary file name suitable for writing.
  • file_touch : Alter the atime and mtime of the specified files.




  • integrate, rename and redesign the interesting functions from Scilab.
  • This module should depend on the apifun module.
  • Add unit tests.


  • Copyright (C) 2010 - DIGITEO - Michael Baudin
  • Copyright (c) 2008 - Michael Baudin
  • Copyright (c) 2008 - Arjen Markus


This toolbox is released under the CeCILL_V2 licence :

Development Team
Allan Cornet
Michael Baudin

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