Documentation : Introduction To Scilab

Documentation : Introduction To Scilab


In this document, we make an overview of Scilab features so that we can get familiar with this environment. The goal is to present the core of skills necessary to start with Scilab. In the first part, we present how to get and install this software on our computer. We also present how to get some help with the provided in-line documentation and also thanks to web resources and forums. In the remaining sections, we present the Scilab language, especially its structured programming features. We present an important feature of Scilab, that is the management of real matrices and overview the linear algebra library. The definition of functions and the elementary management of input and output variables is presented. We present Scilab's graphical features and show how to create a 2D plot, how to configure the title and the legend and how to export that plot into a vectorial or bitmap format.


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