Double-Double toolbox


The goal of this toolbox is to provide a double-double implementation in Scilab. These floating point numbers have a greater precision (but not a greater range) than doubles.

This module allows to run the following script:

z1 = dbldbl_new ( 2 )

z2 = dbldbl_new ( 2 )

z1 + z2

z1 * 3

3 * z1

z1 / 3

We can add, subtract, multiply, dividy, compare double-doubles. We can also compute elementary functions: abs, sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, exp, log, sqrt and power.

This is a Scilab port of David H. Bailey's ddfun90.f.

See the overview in the help provided with this toolbox.


  • dbldlb_new creates a new double-double number.
  • dbldbl_tostr: Convert to decimal string.
  • dbldbl_nthroot: Computes the n-th root of x.


  • This module depends on the apifun module.
  • This module depends on the helptbx module.


2011 - Michael Baudin


This toolbox is distributed under the CeCILL license.


  • "Design, Implementation and Testing of Extended and Mixed Precision BLAS", Li et al, 2000
  • "A Fortran-90 double-double precision library", David Bailey, http://www.nersc.gov/∼dhbailey/mpdist/mpdist.html.

Development Team
Allan Cornet
Vincent Couvert
Michael Baudin
Happy Crew
Abdoulaye Diop

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