CSV read/write toolbox

Since version 5.4.0, csv_readwrite is now part of Scilab itself. See: csvRead csvWrite


The purpose of this module is to read and write Comma Separated Values (CSV) data files. The goal of this toolbox is to improve the flexibility, consistency and speed of CSV reading and writing with respect to Scilab built-in write_csv and read_csv functions.

On a 1000-by-1000 matrix, we observed a 73x improvement of the speed in writing and 3x improvement in reading.


  • csv_default : Get or set defaults for csv files.
  • csv_getToolboxPath : Returns the path to the current module.
  • csv_read : Read comma-separated value file
  • csv_stringtodouble : Convert a matrix of strings to a matrix of doubles.
  • csv_textscan : Read comma-separated value in a matrix of strings
  • csv_write : Write comma-separated value file


  • Copyright (C) 2010 - 2012 - DIGITEO - Allan Cornet
  • Copyright (C) 2011 - DIGITEO - Michael Baudin


This toolbox is released under the CeCILL_V2 licence :


Development Team
Allan Cornet
Michael Baudin

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