Scilab interface to the CGAL library

The current version of the CGLAB toolbox provides a collection of functions, in particular Delaunay triangulations in 2D, 3D and nD space; Convex hull in 2D and 3D; Delaunay mesh generator in 2D space; and many others.

For now, CGLAB is available under GNU/Linux and Mac OS X through ATOMS with the command: atomsInstall('cglab')

The main functions are the following:

  • cdt2_get_connectivity — Get the connectivity of cdt2, constrained Delaunay triangulation.
  • cdt2_get_coord — Get coordinates of vertices of cdt2.
  • cgal_stream_2 — Computes the streamlines of a given regular vector field.
  • cgal_streamlines — Plots data returned by stream_2.
  • constrained_delaunay_2 — Constrained Delaunay triangulation
  • convex_hull_2 — convex hull of a set of points in the plane.
  • convex_hull_3 — Convex hull in 3d space.
  • delaunay_2 — Delaunay triangulation of a set of points in 2d space.
  • delaunay_3 — Delaunay triangulation of a set of points in 3d space.
  • delaunay_n — Delaunay triangulation of a set of points in some n-dimensional space
  • dt2_get_connectivity — Get the connectivity of dt2
  • dt3_get_connectivity — Get the connectivity of dt3
  • dtn_get_connectivity — Get the connectivity of dtn
  • interp3 — a trilinear interplation.
  • interp2 — a bilinear interplation.
  • mesh2_refine — Refine mesh2.
  • mesh_2 — Delaunay Mesher
  • surface_mesher — Meshes a surface defined as a grey level in a 3D image And with functions to insert/delete points.

Screenshot of the result of delaunay_2:

or constrained_delaunay_2:

Development Team
Antoine Elias
Simon Marchetto

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