Big Integers

Big Integers

bigint is a toolbox for calculations with "big integers": their size (number of digits) can be arbitrary long, no rounding errors would appear. The toolbox consists only in scilab macros (no java/c/... sources files) and should not require compilation .

  • a new variable type "bigint" build as a mlist
  • another variable type "mbigint" for matrix of "bigint" also build as a mlist
  • arithmetic (+,-,*,^,/,...) and boolean (==,...) operations are defined for bigint and mbigint type
  • overloading compatibility for arithmetic (+,-,*,^,/,...) and boolean (==,...) operations with double/bigint/mbigint
  • overloading basic scilab functions (as size, sum, abs, ... )
  • have a look to quick start examples

to contribute to bigint toolbox :

  • download the source code from the page Source
  • open contribute.sci to see a "function skeleton" with online help written directly in the source code
  • add your own macro to bigint/macros/ directory as *.sci files
  • please document your work adding your own examples in the *.sci files (source code of demonstrations files will be generated in bigint/demos/ )
  • also add unitary tests in bigint/tests/unit_tests/ directory as *.tst files
  • run bigint/builder.sce to update the toolbox
  • each time you restart scilab you'll have to run bigint/loader.sce to reload the toolbox (if macros run but online help isn't loaded there is probably a mistake in the xml code for help pages in *.sci files)

Development Team
Clément David
philippe roux

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