This module as no utility anymore, since the assert module is now in Scilab 5.4.0 Users should not rely on it anymore.

The goal of this toolbox is to provide functions to make testing easier. We emphasize the use of consistent tools for testing numerical issues, with the goal of testing numerical algorithms more easily. In particular, we provide a comparison function for two floating point numbers, which allows to check that two numbers are "numerically almost equal", i.e. that the relative error is small.

The function of the assert module are designed to be used in Scilab unit tests files (.tst files).

The functions allows to:

  • assert for true, equal statements,
  • assert that two floating point numbers are "close" (using a relative or absolute tolerance).

Additionnaly, we can sort doubles complex numbers with a mixed relative/absolute tolerance criteria.

The toolbox is based on macros.

To get an overview of the functions in this module, use :

help assert_overview


The following is a list of the current assert functions :

  • assert_checkalmostequal : Check that computed and expected are numerically close.
  • assert_checkequal : Check that computed and expected are equal.
  • assert_checktrue : Check that condition is true.
  • assert_checkfalse : Check that condition is false.
  • assert_checkfilesequal : Check two files are equal.
  • assert_checkerror : Check that the function has produced the correct error.
  • assert_generror : Generates an error.

and sorting functions :

  • assert_compare : The default comparison function used in the sort-merge.
  • assert_comparecomplex : Compare complex numbers with a tolerance.
  • assert_sort : A flexible sorting function.
  • assert_sortcomplex : Compare complex numbers with a tolerance.

and support functions :

  • assert_computedigits : Returns the number of significant digits in computed result.
  • assert_cond2reltol : Suggests a relative error, computed from the condition number.
  • assert_cond2reqdigits : Suggests the number of required digits, given the condition number.
  • assert_csvread : Read data from a file or a string.
  • assert_csvwrite : Write data into a file or a string.



DIGITEO, Michael Baudin, 2010


This toolbox is released under the CeCILL_V2 licence :

Development Team
Allan Cornet
Vincent Couvert
Michael Baudin

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