Image Processing Design

Image Processing Design

IPD - Image Processing Design Toolbox Version 8.3

Copyright (c) by Dr. Eng. (J) Harald Galda, 2009 - 2011. Modified by Allan Cornet, 2012

Conveyed under the conditions of the GNU GPL Version 3 or later.

This toolbox provides functions for designing and parameterizing image processing algorithms. The following functionality is provided:

  1. Histogram calculation

    • gray level histogram
    • cumulated histogram
  2. Thresholding

    • segmentation by threshold
    • threshold calculation by Otsu method
  3. Morphological filters

    • dilation
    • erosion
    • closing
    • opening
    • top hat
    • bottom hat
  4. Median filter

  5. Filtering for edge detection

    • Sobel filter
    • Laplace filter
    • Prewitt filter
    • Scharr filter
  6. Region based segmentation

    • distance transform
    • watershed transform
  7. Blob analysis

    • searching connected regions in binary images
    • removing blobs that have less pixels than a lower bound or more pixels than an upper bound
    • calculating specific properties of blobs such as bounding box, centroid
    • drawing bounding boxes around objects found in an image
    • calculating histogram of blob sizes
    • calculating cumulated histogram of blob sizes
  8. Displaying images in figure windows

    • display
    • conversion of RGB to indexed images
    • conversion of indexed images to RGB
  9. Conversion between color images and gray level images

    • RGB to gray level
    • RGB to Lab*
    • Lab* to RGB
  10. Opening image and video files

    • reading image files
    • writing image files
    • reading video files
  11. Linear filteration

  12. Variance filter

  13. Texture feature calculation

    • Laws texture energy
    • discrete Wavelet frames
  14. Template Matching

  15. Interactive Image Analysis GUI

Differences between versions 8.3 and 8.2:

  • The toolbox can now be built on Linux and MacOS.
  • OpenCV 2.1 is replaced by OpenCV 2.31.
  • Blink effect that occurred when displaying video is removed.
  • The toolbox will be compatible to Scilab 5.4.

This version uses OpenCV 2.31 which is available for download at

If you intend to work with the file red-car-video.avi, please install the XVid codec which is available for download at

Development Team
Allan Cornet
Harald Galda

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