This module opens a BackDoor into Scilab workspace.

It works by creating a new thread that listens on requests on a TCP port. Each string send to that thread is executed in the Scilab workspace and a result is sent back to the caller when requested.

For testing load the module (when the module is loaded you should see something like:

BackDoor: listening to commands on TCP port 28020

and then try opening a telnet connection

telnet 28020

and start writing Scilab commands as you would on the command window (with a new line in the end). NOTE: the port used is 27020 in windows and 27020 + UID in Linux. This is to allow multiple users using the module.

The result of the calculation is saved in the bd_result variable in Scilab.

If you need to run a command that shouldn't be saved in bd_result you can prefix your command with "\", for example "\load('file.dat')".

Also if you type a '@' you will get the value of bd_result(in binary form of a C double). If you type "?" you will get the value of bd_result in text.

The intention of this module is to use it with PowerDEVS ( in order to process simulation results in the Scilab enviroment.

Development Team
Federico Bergero
Happy Crew
Federico Bergero

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