SciCrypt is a cyptography module for Scilab based on Crypto++. It enables encryption and decryption of files with these block ciphers: * AES (128 bits key) * TDES (EDE3, 3 * 64 bits keys) * Serpent (128 bits key) * TwoFish (128 bits key) * CAST256 (128 bits key) * Blowfish (128 bits key)

Several modes are proposed: * CBC * OFB * CFB * ECB * CTR

Please note that the key used for block ciphering is automatically encoded using the RSA cipher.

Help files, test scripts, and random key generators are included in the module.

This module is based on the work of Florent LEBEAU.

Development Team
Allan Cornet
Vincent Couvert
Happy Crew
Florent Lebeau

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