Xcos re-useable and customizable code generator

Basic code generator with customiseable hooks and block libraries

Labels: UI:GUI , License:BSD , Other:xcos


Java API for window docking

Labels: Other:java , UI:GUI , Other:docking , Other:api , Other:free

Fuzzy Logic Toolbox

sciFLT is a Fuzzy Logic Toolbox for scilab

Labels: UI:GUI

Mathieu functions toolbox for Scilab

Toolbox containing Mathieu's functions

Labels: Other:physics , Other:mathieu , License:GPL , UI:GUI

Signal Processing Block for Xcos

Signal Processing Block for Xcos

Labels: License:GPL , UI:GUI

Xcos FMU wrapper  

Add some functionalities to use FMU blocks inside Scilab/Xcos

Labels: UI:GUI , Other:xcos

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