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blob .gitignore 2 months 5 days Serge Steer: misc changes 14 bytes
blob AUTHORS.txt 3 months 13 days Serge Steer: port to Scilab 6 and misc improvments 330 bytes
blob builder.sce 2 months 18 days Serge Steer: fixes for Windows version 1.32 kB
blob ChangeLog.txt 2 months 5 days Serge Steer: misc changes 1.71 kB
blob COPYING.txt 8 years 1 month Holger Nahrstaedt: initial import 17.99 kB
blob DESCRIPTION 2 months 15 days Serge Steer: memory leaks fixes 1.78 kB
blob README.txt 2 months 20 days Clement DAVID: Fix a typo 929 bytes

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