Computer Vision Module

Issue 1944: scicv corrupts the Scilab native write() function, and so kill Scilab

Reported by Samuel Gougeon, Aug 29, 2019

--> write(%io(2), "Test")

Start Scilab Computer Vision Module
	Load macros
	Load thirdparties
	Load gateways
	Load demos
	Load help

--> write(%io(2), "Test")

write: Wrong number of input argument(s): 3 expected.

Comment 1 by Clément David, Mar 9, 2020

this is fixed in 0.5

Comment 2 by Clément David, Mar 9, 2020

Status: Fixed

Created: 1 year 1 month ago by Samuel Gougeon

Updated: 7 months 15 days ago

Status: Fixed

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