"Matlab-like" plotting library

Issue 925: plotlib corrupts demo_gui(): figure(0) is run each time demoGUI is overflyed; + %l_i_l() issue

Reported by Samuel Gougeon, Oct 7, 2012

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Cancel plotlib autoload:
atomsAutoloadDel plotlib

2. Exit scilab. Re-rerun Scilab. Run the demo:
demo_gui()  // use it: OK
3. Load plotlib: Menu Toolboxes => plotlib
4. Run demo_gui:
5. Overfly it with the mouse => fig(0) is displayed
close it. it reappears each time the GUI is touched 

5. Moreover, the following message is displayed in the console when 
the demo GUI is used:

!--error 144 
Opération non définie pour les opérandes données.
Vérifier ou définir la fonction %l_i_l pour la surcharge.
at line      29 of function demo_gui called by :  
while executing a callback

This does not occur without plotlib

Comment 1 by Stéphane Mottelet, Oct 8, 2012

This is a strange problem. By default figure are created with the 
event_handler enabled as "plotlib_handler". Here, when the 
handler is fired on demo_gui figure which has id 100000, the win 
number passed to the handler is 0 instead of 100000. It is not 
plotlib's fault...


Comment 2 by Stéphane Mottelet, Oct 8, 2012

Sorry, this is a Scilab's bug :



Comment 3 by Samuel Gougeon, Oct 8, 2012

Hello Stéphane,
OK. Do you think that the %l_i_l() issue has the same cause?
Then you might close the present report. I am going to
post a pointer to this one on the bugzilla entry.

Comment 4 by Samuel Gougeon, Aug 19, 2013

This bug is now fixed (but i can't close the ticket. please do it 
for me)

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