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Issue 1764: Banned from the library.

Reported by Anna marsh, Aug 17, 2018

I presently have 6 books out. None are overdue. I even have an 
unpaid first-rate for simplest a mere 2 greenbacks, and but when I 
went online to place a maintain on an ebook I received a message 
that said that My "account turned into blocked" and to 
"see a librarian for assistance". Why could I be getting a 
message like that? I've located holds 
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past, once I've had more fines than simply 2 dollars and extra books 
out! So why is it all of a sudden blockading me?

Comment 1 by miesha tate, Aug 25, 2018

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Comment 2 by Kaiden Lara, Sep 3, 2018

In light of the resolver's experience, on the off chance that you 
have been banned from a library on absurd grounds, you should first 
talk with the library staff. In the event that the issue isn't 
settled, you should contact your local authority to talk about the 


Comment 3 by keduzuxac 99, Sep 7, 2018

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Comment 4 by Steve Dalton, Sep 10, 2018

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Comment 5 by Taylor Lee, Sep 20, 2018

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Comment 6 by Ben Johansan, Sep 22, 2018

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Comment 7 by Amelia Stone, Oct 3, 2018

In mild of the resolver's experience, on the off risk that you had 
been banned from a library on absurd grounds, you ought to first 
speak with the library team of workers. In the occasion that the 
issue isn't settled, you ought to contact your neighborhood 
authority to talk approximately the difficulty. 

Comment 8 by thu trang, Oct 19, 2018

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