"Matlab-like" plotting library

Issue 1490: _mainPlot not defined

Reported by Vincent Morénas, Nov 8, 2014

I am using plotlib 0.46 on macosx 10.10 with Scilab 5.5.1

Steps to reproduce the problem:
use of any plot function

Expected result:
a graph :-)

Actual result:
 !--error 4 
Variable non définie : _mainPlot
at line      28 of function plot called by :  
!--error 4 
Variable non définie : _mainPlot
at line      17 of function quiver called by :  

Moreover, I have another error (which might be related to the 
_mainPlot one):
AVERTISSEMENT : legend : some superfluous labels have been ignored
 !--error 246 
Fonction non définie pour le type d'argument donné,
  Vérifier les arguments ou définir la fonction %pltlibH_size pour 
la surcharge.
at line       3 of function getvalidchildren called by :  
at line      39 of function scilab_legend called by :  
at line      39 of function processLegend called by :  
at line      28 of function legend called by :  

Comment 1 by Stéphane Mottelet, Nov 8, 2014

There seems to be a problem in the building process of the atoms 
portal. There is no problem when building the package by hand and 
making an offLine install.


Comment 2 by Vincent Morénas, Nov 9, 2014

I built the package by hand and then installed it but the problem 
I hope I did it the right way though: 
1/ put the unzipped plotlib source folder inside SCI/contrib
2/ cd into SCI/contrib/plotlib
3/ exec('builder.sce')
4/ atomsInstall('plotlib')
5/ atomsLoad('plotlib')
Then I tried one of the examples of the plotlib help (the one for 
whitebg) and got the _mainPlot error again.

Comment 3 by Larry Boman, Apr 26, 2017

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