"Matlab-like" plotting library

Issue 1490: _mainPlot not defined

Reported by Vincent Morénas, Nov 8, 2014

I am using plotlib 0.46 on macosx 10.10 with Scilab 5.5.1

Steps to reproduce the problem:
use of any plot function

Expected result:
a graph :-)

Actual result:
 !--error 4 
Variable non définie : _mainPlot
at line      28 of function plot called by :  
!--error 4 
Variable non définie : _mainPlot
at line      17 of function quiver called by :  

Moreover, I have another error (which might be related to the 
_mainPlot one):
AVERTISSEMENT : legend : some superfluous labels have been ignored
 !--error 246 
Fonction non définie pour le type d'argument donné,
  Vérifier les arguments ou définir la fonction %pltlibH_size pour 
la surcharge.
at line       3 of function getvalidchildren called by :  
at line      39 of function scilab_legend called by :  
at line      39 of function processLegend called by :  
at line      28 of function legend called by :  

Comment 1 by Stéphane Mottelet, Nov 8, 2014

There seems to be a problem in the building process of the atoms 
portal. There is no problem when building the package by hand and 
making an offLine install.


Comment 2 by Vincent Morénas, Nov 9, 2014

I built the package by hand and then installed it but the problem 
I hope I did it the right way though: 
1/ put the unzipped plotlib source folder inside SCI/contrib
2/ cd into SCI/contrib/plotlib
3/ exec('builder.sce')
4/ atomsInstall('plotlib')
5/ atomsLoad('plotlib')
Then I tried one of the examples of the plotlib help (the one for 
whitebg) and got the _mainPlot error again.

Comment 3 by Larry Boman, Apr 26, 2017

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Comment 7 by john albert, May 31, 2018

Apple ships OSX with its own Python, in /usr/bin/python, and its 
very own copy of Matplotlib. unfortunately, the manner Apple 
currently installs its own copies of NumPy, Scipy and Matplotlib 
means that these programs are hard to upgrade


(see device python packages). for this reason we strongly suggest 
that you install a clean model of Python and use that as the basis 
for putting in libraries together with NumPy and Matplotlib

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