"Matlab-like" plotting library

Issue 1129: The processColorBar function is undocumented.

Reported by Michael Baudin, Mar 28, 2013

The processColorBar function is undocumented.

Comment 1 by Marggie Hopkins, Aug 30, 2017

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Comment 3 by Alvina Alvina, Feb 23, 2018

Tick stamp names, indicated as a phone exhibit of character vectors, 
a string cluster, a numeric cluster, a character vector, or a 
string. As a matter of course, the colorbar names the tick marks 
with numeric esteems. On the off chance that you determine names and 
don't indicate enough names for all the tick marks, 
ne at that point MATLAB pushes through the names. Including a 
colorbar may resize the tomahawks to oblige the colorbar. In the 
event that a tomahawks does not exist, at that point the colorbar 
work makes a clear tomahawks and shows a colorbar with the default 

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