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blob .gitignore 5 years 5 months Thierry Clopeau: Add unloader.sce in .gitignore 1.08 kB
blob .localized 8 years 4 months MacClope: initial import from toolbox_squeleton 0 bytes
blob builder.sce 5 years 7 months MacClope: Add exit at end of builder.sce 1.75 kB
blob CeCILL.txt 8 years 3 months MacClope: Nettoyage macros/ *orig 127 bytes
blob changelog.txt 5 years 5 months MacClope: Add mmodd_update 440 bytes
blob DESCRIPTION 5 years 7 months MacClope: Change website in DESCRIPTION 777 bytes
blob DESCRIPTION-FUNCTIONS 8 years 3 months MacClope: Mise à 0 de DESCRIPTION-FUNCTIONS (fichier utile ?) 2 bytes
blob license.txt 8 years 3 months MacClope: Ajout de la licence CeCILL2 dans licence.txt 21.61 kB
blob loader.sce 7 years 6 months Thierry Clopeau: Cosmetic Modif for MmodD.start 281 bytes
blob readme.txt 6 years 8 months Thierry Clopeau: Modification of readme and DESCRIPTION files 213 bytes

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