Issue 2270: How to uninstall McAfee True Key from your computer

Reported by Kate Moss, Nov 27, 2019

If you intend to uninstall McAfee True Key from your system, you 
will have to refer to the following steps carefully:
	Firstly, close all the running web browsers on your computer
	Enter Win+X to go to the WinX menu.
	You would then have to select ‘Apps and Features’ from the top
	Now, find True Key from the list of programs
	Once you locate it, right-click on the same and choose ‘Uninstall’ 
to remove the application from your system. 
Correct execution of the above steps will help you uninstall True 
Key from your computer quickly. Alternatively, you can ring up the 
McAfee customer service number and solve your problem.

Comment 1 by michelle jolie, Jan 2, 2020

Informing the details step by step, it is very easy for the needed 
people to follow the instruction. It makes the uninstall operation 
very clear and easy for the users. The information is very much understanding and 
clear. I am saying this from my experience.

Comment 2 by Kathrina Dupree, Feb 10, 2020

This post shares the steps to uninstall McAfee true key from our 
computer. It will be a useful post for those who are looking for 
this. It helped me also. I always get 
useful information from this site. Thanks for your share.

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