Issue 177: The ta2lpd function is already available in Scilab.

Reported by Michael Baudin, Dec 1, 2010

The ta2lpd function is already available in Scilab.

See the m6ta2lpd gateway :

It is now available in Scilab, as ta2lpd gateway :;a=blob;f=scilab/modules/sparse

This was done to make sp2adj work, after the bug report :

m6ta2lpd should be removed from Metanet.

Comment 1 by Michael Baudin, Dec 1, 2010

Caution: ta2lpd was moved but not ta2plu, which is still in Metanet, 
but not in Scilab :

But the purpose of this ta2plu function is unclear: is it is not 

Comment 2 by Michael Baudin, Dec 1, 2010

There is no problem with ta2lpu. This function is used only inside 
The following is the complete list of all functions in Scilab 5.1.1 
scripts using ta2lpu:

	50:     [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(tail,head,n+1,n,2*ma)
	28:   [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,2*ma)
	25:     [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,2*ma)
	29:     [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,2*ma)
	26:     [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,2*ma)
	28:     [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,2*ma)

	56:     [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,2*ma)

	54:   [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,2*ma)
	73:   [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,2*ma)

	36:     [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,2*ma)
	31:       [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,2*ma)
	28:       [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,2*ma)
	29:   [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,m2)
	37:     [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,2*ma)
	22:     [lp,la,ln]=m6ta2lpu(g.edges.tail,g.edges.head,n+1,n,2*ma)

Comment 3 by Michael Baudin, Dec 1, 2010

The same issue was reported in Bugzilla:

Comment 4 by Sylvestre Ledru, Mar 17, 2011

Could you sum up everything ? 
I am kind of lost...

Comment 5 by Michael Baudin, Mar 18, 2011

* m6ta2lpd is both in Metanet and Scilab. It should be removed from 
 * m6ta2lpu is in Metanet and not in Scilab. It should be moved to 
Scilab, and removed from Metanet.

Comment 6 by Michael Baudin, Oct 23, 2013

This is an important bug, which is related to the problems of the 
"markov" functions in Scilab itself. This is why I tag 
this bug with a higher priority.
Labels: Priority:High Priority:Medium

Comment 7 by Cheryl Hughes, May 29, 2020

try to assign a value to a single entry
Expected result:
 change of value
Actual result:
Message: 'Undefined operation for the given operands. check or
define function %l_6 for overloading.

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Updated: 1 year 4 months ago

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