Issue 1725: Informations about arcs are displayed in a messy way (

Reported by Samuel Gougeon, Mar 17, 2018

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In the last version of Scilab (5.2.1) for MACOS, after the execution 
of the example given in edges_data_structure that adds the two 
attributes "label" and "length" to the edges.
Once the graphic window is opened with the graph, if, in the 
"view" menu, you select the item "options", the 
displayed information are in disorder. There is no linefeed to 
display the information related to the arcs.

-- How to reproduce the bug --

//create a simple graph
ta=[1  1 2 7 8 9 10 10 10 10 11 12 13 13];
he=[2 10 7 8 9 7  7 11 13 13 12 13  9 10];


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Comment 6 by Juvanta Luiz, Jun 30, 2020

Thanks for sharing the information about arcs that are displayed in 
a messy way. I think this is reported in the latest version of this 
Scilab and the solution for this suggested by others will be helpful 
for one or the other.

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