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Describes how to install the MED external module (in version 1.1)

Note: The MED external module works on GNU/Linux only.

Installation of prerequisites

MED toolbox relies on some of Salome 7.3.0 components. There are two ways to install that components:

A) Full installation

Salome 7.3 is available here.

The installation is described in this document .

B) Installation of needed components only

The needed components are:

  • MEDCoupling

  • MEDLoader

  • Med File library (3.0.7)

Note: The Med File library 3.0.7 is also available separately from Salome.

Note: The HDF5 library is also needed in version 1.8.10.

Installation of the external module

Online installation

The module is available through the ATOMS system, under the name 'MED'.

It can be installed via:

  • the menu ATOMS of Scilab: the module can be found in the Data Handling category.

  • the console, with the command:


Offline installation

The module .tar.gz file has to be downloaded from the ATOMS MED page.

Then, in the console:

atomsSetConfig("offline", "true")

atomsInstall([local path to the .tar.gz file])

Configuration of the external module

The SALOME libraries are installed at a specific location on the system. So their paths have to be configured each time before running Scilab:

For this, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable is set, like following:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.:[Salome MED library path]:[Med File library path]:[HDF5 library path]


For example of an installation of Salome in /home/joe/Salome_7.3.0:


Then, in the same terminal: