JLaTeXMath - A Java API to render LaTeX

Download JLaTeXMath and the FOP plugin sources

jlatexmath-src-all-1.0.3.zip - 1.20 MB
md5: 18f899f90636ab10855da4d0123b7500


  • Pound sign was invalid in roman font.
  • Fix paths in MANIFEST.MF
  • By default, slightly increase left and right insets.
  • Allow use of # in code.
  • Add macro \fcscore.
  • CharBox not correctly drawn in multithread context
  • Add macros \texteuro and \euro ( and map char € on \euro)
  • Add macro \st (i.e. strike-through)
  • Fix arrow shift in \overrightarrow macro
  • Fix several bugs due to modification in VRowAtom.

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