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tree archive 9 years 2 months 7 baudin: Updated help of fmincon. Created apifun directory. Moved macros to fmincon.
tree demos 7 years 10 months 42 couvert: Merge modifications coming from ATOMS package
tree etc 7 years 10 months 40 couvert: Merge modifications from ATOMS packages to maintain only one version.
tree help 7 years 10 months 44 couvert: Add apifun sub-module help files
tree macros 5 years 4 months 48 genin: the derivative function is obsolete therefore she is replaced by numderivative.
tree tests 5 years 5 months 47 genin: the dia.ref document have be remaking with Ipopt module.
blob builder.sce 9 years 2 months 1 baudin: Moved from GIT. 933 bytes
blob changelog.txt 8 years 10 months 36 baudin: Fixed demonstration script to launch the tests. 392 bytes
blob license.txt 9 years 2 months 16 baudin: Fixed module before first release. 132 bytes
blob readme.txt 7 years 10 months 41 couvert: Merge modifications coming from ATOMS package 3.03 kB

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