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blob .classpath 11 years 10 months kschaefe: Updated libs for looks and skinlf. 1.03 kB
blob .gitignore 6 years 5 months Calixte DENIZET: Add a .gitignore 5 bytes
blob .project 13 years 10 months Marius: Issue number: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by: CVS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CVS: Issue number: CVS: If this change addresses one or more issues, CVS: then enter the issue number(s) here. CVS: Obtained from: CVS: If this change has been taken from another system, CVS: then name the system in this line, otherwise delete it. CVS: Submitted by: CVS: If this code has been contributed to the project by someone else; i.e., CVS: they sent us a patch or a set of diffs, then include their name/email CVS: address here. If this is your work then delete this line. CVS: Reviewed by: CVS: If we are doing pre-commit code reviews and someone else has CVS: reviewed your changes, include their name(s) here. CVS: If you have not had it reviewed then delete this line. 367 bytes
blob build.xml 5 years 4 months Sylvestre Ledru: Release 1.2.4 19.03 kB
blob FlexDock Core.iml 14 years 2 months scottdelap: Changed directory structure so we have a new module of core. All the existing files have been moved there. This will allow for future expansion. I've also reworked the build.xml slightly. The targets should all work. I've changed "dist" to "jar". I'm reserving "dist" to make a tar ball or something when we do releases. The directories of java, demosrc, resources, and test have been created for src code organiztion. I'm also checking in an Intellij IDEA 4.5 Project file. No more mass updates like this =). sdelap 834 bytes
blob FlexDock.iml 13 years 8 months Marius: merged from FlexView branch 1.16 kB
blob LICENSE.txt 12 years 26 days kschaefe: Issue number: 77 Replaced logging code with Apache Commons to give users more flexibility in overall logging. Deprecated all old logging classes, which are not used anywhere. This will allow user code to compile for those that used the logging. I expected to remove this after being deprecated for one version. 1.14 kB
blob README 11 years 9 months kschaefe: Added information regarding release-notes.txt. 1.21 kB
blob README-BUILD 6 years 4 months Sylvestre Ledru: Remove the old jni stuff 1.80 kB
blob release-notes.txt 5 years 4 months Sylvestre Ledru: Release 1.2.4 8.43 kB

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