Issue 630: Some functions cannot be differentiated.

Reported by Michael Baudin, Jan 13, 2012

For example, atanh cannot be differentiated :

 !--error 10000 
atanh:  Mauvais type pour l''argument d''entrée n°1 : Matrice réelle 
ou complexe attendue.
at line      17 of function atanh called by :  

Other functions which cannot be differentiated are acosh, asinh. 

More generally, many functions which are based on macros and which 
include type-checking cannot be differentiated.
This is a direct consequence of the bug :


This is not a bug directly in diffcode: this is a bug in Scilab, 
which is revealed by diffcode. More generally, any Scilab which uses 
overloading may reveal this bug.

Comment 1 by Michael Baudin, Jan 13, 2012

Other functions which fail are: cosh, sinh, tanh 
(although the exact derivative of these functions is provided by 

Comment 2 by Edson Valle, Sep 14, 2012

Seems like it is a Scilab bug/issue.
Is this corrected in Scilab 5.4? Are there any intention to correct 
this bug soon?

Comment 3 by jenny singh, Oct 19, 2018

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