Issue 240: Building the module requires a development Scilab

Reported by Michael Baudin, Jan 31, 2011

-->exec F:\ForgeScilab\csv_readwrite\builder.sce
-->// Copyright (C) 2010 - DIGITEO - Allan CORNET
Building sources...
  error("it requires a local built of Scilab");
                                               !--error 10000 
it requires a local built of Scilab
at line       9 of exec file called by :    

at line      13 of function tbx_builder called by :  
at line      49 of function tbx_builder_src_lang called by :  
at line       3 of exec file called by :    

at line      13 of function tbx_builder called by :  
at line      32 of function tbx_builder_src called by :  
at line      34 of exec file called by :    
exec F:\ForgeScilab\csv_readwrite\builder.sce

Comment 1 by Allan Cornet, Mar 2, 2011

We uses some internal functions of fileio and i do not want to 
export these functions.
As this module will be moved in scilab, i do not want fix this bug

Please notice that you can load module with a standard scilab. 
Trouble is only on build
Status: WontFix

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Comment 3 by jalssae jalssae, Jul 18, 2019

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Comment 4 by Alex Gambler, Nov 14, 2019

exactly what I need, I was just going to build the module, thanks!
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Created: 9 years 1 month ago by Michael Baudin

Updated: 4 months 15 days ago

Status: WontFix

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