Issue 716: cglab 2.0.1 instalation

Reported by Rafael Mantovani, May 10, 2012


I installed the cglab module via "atomsInstall('cglab')" 
command, but when I try to use cglab module with the command 
"atomsLoad('cglab')" the following error message appears:

Start CG-lab
    Load macros
    Load gateways
atomsLoad: An error occurred while loading 'cglab-2.0-1':
    link: The shared archive was not loaded: cannot 
open shared object file: No such file or directory

I found the file "" in folder 
/usr/local/include (of the CGAL version that I've installed - 4.0). 
So, what should I do to correct this error message?

I'm using kubuntu 12 - 64 bits and scilab 5.3.3.



Comment 1 by Sylvestre Ledru, Jul 19, 2012

Simon, could you have a look to this issue ?
Owner: gareste

Comment 2 by Alexander Barthelme, Nov 29, 2013


I|m trying to install cglab and get the same error as above when I 
try to load cglab. Is there a solution to this problem

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