ANN toolbox

Issue 1090: Startup problem.

Reported by Michael Baudin, Mar 14, 2013

This is a problem that were reported for Stixbox, but seems to be 
related to ANN.

When stixbox starts after atoms installation , the following message 

is printed:

Start ANN Toolbox
	Load macros
	Load help
	Load demos

Attention: redéfinition de la fonction: pathconvert             . 
Utilisez funcprot(0) pour éviter ce message

Comment 1 by Samuel Gougeon, Dec 2, 2018

There is no (longer?) any "pathconvert" symbol as LHS 
argument in the .start file in the 0.5 version.
Either this bug was fixed before, or it came from elsewhere.
I am not able to reproduce it.
Status: Fixed

Created: 5 years 8 months ago by Michael Baudin

Updated: 7 days 23 hours ago

Status: Fixed

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