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How to run the code.


I'll update the documentation soon. To get you running here is what you need to do.


  1. Install the simgear-dev library. (apt-get install simgear-dev)
  2. Install flightgear. (apt-get install flightgear)
  3. Download the aerospace-toolbox code.
  4. Start scilab, go to the folder where the code is and run: exec builder.sce
  5. If there are no errors then run: exec loader.sce
  6. Start flightgear by running the bash script located in the aerospace-toolbox folder: ./
  7. Then type y=flightGearUpdate(u) where:
  • u = [aileron;elevator;rudder;throtte]
  • y = [roll;pitch;yaw;p;q;r;lon;lat;alt;vN;vE;vD;vWindN;vWindE;vWindD;Ax;Ay;Az]
  • aileron, elevator, rudder, is mapped from -1 to 1
  • throttle is mapped from 0 to 1


  1. To use this in xcos employ a user defined scilab function block and set the update function to y=flightGearUpdate(u), set u to size [4,1] and set y to size [18,1].
  2. I'll be creating a sample block soon.

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by James Goppert

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by James Goppert

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