Issue 36: How to install and use it

Reported by Sylvestre Ledru, Apr 27, 2010

It would be nice to have a documentation on how this work (both 
installation and usage)


Comment 1 by James Goppert, Apr 27, 2010

No problem. I just added a quick-start page under the documentation 
section. Let me know if you have any trouble running the code.

Comment 2 by Sylvestre Ledru, Apr 27, 2010

Almost perfect!
Just need the ticket #45 to fix it

Comment 3 by James Goppert, Apr 29, 2010

Status: Fixed

Comment 4 by adv ydv, Oct 23, 2018

I'm expecting full knowledge of Microsoft Windows 10 OS to get a 
split screen on Windows 10, 
because multitasking on my computer system is very important to me

Comment 5 by Raul Jones, Nov 15, 2018

I too don't the solutions of this issue. In, I 
have watched so many videos to get more knowledge. I glad to get 
this post.

Created: 8 years 7 months ago by Sylvestre Ledru

Updated: 1 month 1 day ago

Status: Fixed

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