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blob .gitignore 5 years 3 months Pawel Zagorski: Modified .gitignore not to ignore binary test data changes. 440 bytes
blob builder.sce 2 years 7 months Clément DAVID: Fix for Scilab 6 1.50 kB
blob changelog.txt 4 years 2 months Pawel Zagorski: Updated satellite on orbit demo 5.74 kB
blob DESCRIPTION 4 years 2 months Pawel Zagorski: Prepared description file for release of AB 3.0 495 bytes
blob DESCRIPTION-FUNCTIONS 4 years 2 months Pawel Zagorski: Added help of ELL_TO_CAR and CAR_TO_ELL blocks 5.51 kB
blob license.txt 6 years 4 months Pawel Zagorski: Updated Readme's and licensing info. 21.14 kB

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