Aerospace Blockset for Xcos  


Table of Content

Aerospace blockset getting started guide

Aerospace blockset demo diagrams

Best way to start your work with Aerospace blockset is to explore demonstration diagrams. You can access them from Scilab by:

  1. Choosing ? -> Scilab demonstrations menu options.
  2. Navigating to Aerosapce blockset.
  3. Choosing desired demo diagram.
  4. Launching Xcos simulation.

There are few demonstrations available:

Satellite on orbit demo explains how to simulate and visualise satellite position on the Earth orbit.

Satellite on orbit demo

Ground station accessibility demo explains how to calculate access times between ground station and the satellite.

Ground station accessibility demo

Weather balloon descent with parachute demo shows a simulation of a capsule falling from a high altitude.

Weather balloon descent with parachute demo

Sun and Moon demo shows how to calculate and visualise rises and set of Sun and Moon.

Sun and Moon demo

Aerospace blockset Scilab documentation

The module has extensive documentation in Scilab. You can access it by typing help aerospace_blockset in Scilab console. It is also possible to access documentation of each block directly from Xcos by right clicking on a block and choosing help option.

Aerospace video examples

You can also visit Aerospace Blockset video channel for more examples and tutorials.