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Issue 1720: failed to install celestLab 3.2.1 in SciLab 6.01

Reported by ridanto poetro, Feb 22, 2018

Steps to reproduce the problem:



Expected result:

CelestLab loaded
CelestLabX loaded
AerospaceBlockset loaded

Actual result:

ARNING: Unable to load CelestLab

Start CelestLabX
	Load macros
atomsLoad: An error occurred while loading 'celestlabx-3.2.0':
	lib: Old binary lib detected. Please recompile it for Scilab 6.
Start Aerospace blockset - (3.0)
atomsLoad: An error occurred while loading 'aerospace_blockset-3.0':
	CelestLab library must be installed before using Aerospace 
Bloskset. If CelestLab is installed please check if it loads before 
Aerospace blockset.

Comment 1 by Paweł Zagórski, Feb 22, 2018

Thank you for reporting this issue. CelestLab is currently 
unavailable for Scilab 6.0. My Aerospace Blockset relies heavily on 
CelestLab, therefore I haven't published a version for Scilab 6.0 as 
well, waiting for the CelestLab upgrade.

For now, the only solution for you would be to:

- install Scilab 5.5.2 (see:
- install CelestLab and AerospaceBlockset into Scilab

Comment 2 by jenny singh, Oct 19, 2018

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