.NET component and COM server

Issue 604: Can't run the test xls file, Can't add scilab_COM_server reference

Reported by Brad Carman, Nov 30, 2011

1. Build project and create "scilab_COM_server.dll" file 
(running Vista x86)

2.  I ensure the COM server is registered by running..
regasm scilab_COM_server.dll, file is registered successfully.

3. Open the test xls file, attempt to add reference to the 
"scilab_COM_server.dll" file.  Excel complains "Can't 
add a reference to the specified file"

Comment 1 by Eric Strauss, May 30, 2012

I also got the identical error when adding the reference in Excel.

Windows XP SP3
Excel 2007
compiled with Microsoft Visual C# Express 2010

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